Professional portfolio management involves both enhancing and protecting wealth over the long term.

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An effective wealth enhancement framework

We adopt a concentrated portfolio approach to investing, banking on our thorough research & independent analysis to pick companies with the strongest fundamentals. As a result, we can stay invested through the corrections in the market as long as we believe in the long-term future of the company.

Ultimately, frequent trading increases costs and lowers total returns, making it more relevant to ascertain value early on and stay invested even if it is seen as going against conventional thinking. We ensure adequate deployment in liquid stocks to tackle contingencies and portfolios are constructed based on client profile and risk appetite.

We ensure adequate deployment in liquid stocks to tackle contingencies and portfolios are constructed based on client profile and risk appetite.

In the world of securities, courage becomes the supreme virtue after adequate knowledge and a tested judgment are at hand.

- Benjamin Graham -

Stock picking ability is best judged on outcomes.

We have become a respected and recognised name in the equity market as our record in picking key trends have borne fruit time and again.

Being grounded in our research and thought process helped us to identify value in pharma, real estate and engineering.

It is our in-depth research that gives us the conviction to hold large positions through corrections. It has helped us thrive in turbulent markets, taking advantage of market opportunities without taking undue risk.

However our goal is not just outperforming the market, but generating risk-adjusted, superior, absolute returns - a balanced outlook which enhances wealth for the long term investor.

Large bets and bold cash calls backed by effective research has paid off time and again: from steering clear of the 2001 meltdown to making a big cash call in 2008.

It is this consistency in stock picking ability that has earned us the reputation of being trusted portfolio managers.

VQ Approach








Valuequest Investment Advisors Pvt. Ltd. is a SEBI registered Portfolio Manager (SEBI registration number INP000003724) and offers discretionary Portfolio Management Service to customers.

The discretionary portfolio manager will independently manage the funds of each client at his discretion in accordance with the profile of the customer. The non-discretionary portfolio manager provides advisory services enabling the client to take decision with regards to his portfolio.

As per SEBI regulations, minimum corpus required to be brought in by customers is Rs. 25 lacs. There is no upper limit to investment through Portfolio Management. The corpus can be introduced by cheque or by transfer of shares (value calculated at closing share price on date of transfer or the date on which portfolio value crosses Rs. 25 lacs).

The fees payable by a customer are Annual Maintenance Charges and Performance fees. Annual maintenance charges are charged at beginning of the period (year/quarter) and Performance fees are charged as a percentage of the returns generated above hurdle rate at the end of the financial year. SEBI has now mandated following of high watermark principle to be followed for charging fees which has been followed by ValueQuest since inception.

No. There is no lock-in period for Portfolio Management. However, premature withdrawals can lead to sub–par portfolio performance.

Customers can withdraw funds anytime they want by giving a notice to us, as long as post withdrawal, the corpus does not fall below minimum SEBI mandated portfolio size of Rs. 25 lacs. However, we advise clients to give us at least a month’s notice to ensure that there is not too much of impact cost due to forced liquidation.

It is not possible for Portfolio Managers to guarantee minimum portfolio returns. Our endeavor is generating superior absolute returns and historical returns can be used to judge our fund management capability.

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